Preparing for Your Visit

Getting a regular checkup is an important part of your medical care. Your check-up will give us the opportunity to review any problems you are having, and in addition, allow us to detect and prevent many diseases before you have symptoms. 


New Patients will be mailed or emailed your registration packet by the scheduling secretary.  You can either bring them to your visit or fax them to the office at 202-293-0289. Patients sometimes forget their forms at home, so please try to remember to get them to the office before or at the time of your physical appointment.  If you need to complete your paperwork, please arrive fifteen minutes in advance of your appointment.

Preparing for Lab Testing and Your Exam  **some of these procedures have been modified due to Covid.  Please check with the office.

Lab testing is part of your annual physical and it is the office policy that labs are performed in our office lab. If you wish to use a different lab or facility, the cost of the labs will be incorporated into the physician consultation fee.

When you come in for laboratory testing it is best that you be fasting for at least 10 hours before your blood is drawn. Usually this means nothing to eat after 10:00 PM the evening before your appointment. You are allowed to have black coffee, tea, or water to drink. Being dehydrated can make it difficult to have your blood drawn, so please drink fluids. You should routinely take all of your medications on the morning of the exam, as long as they can be taken without food.

It is often very helpful to come in for your lab testing 1-3 days before your exam so that we can review your test results at the time of your visit. Most patients prefer to have the test results available at the time of their physicals. When you come in for your physical soon after your blood results are in, additional testing can be added if necessary since the lab holds all blood specimens for about 5 days after they are drawn. In that way, if we decide additional testing is in order, you will not need to have your blood redrawn. If you prefer, you can have everything done at one visit, and we will contact you later with your test results. Please do not wear any perfume, powder, or body lotions at the time your visit since these may interfere with your exam or testing.


Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you in the office soon.

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